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Hal and Rita Goldstein founded Thaddeus Computing in May 1985. From 1985-2011 Thaddeus Computing supported users of mobile computers with publications and by buying and selling used units it wrote about.

In July 2011, Thaddeus Computing became a partners with three of its former employees to form Mango Life Media, which currently publishes iPHONE LIFE (www.iPhoneLife.com) 1-641-472-6330

In August 2011, Thaddeus Computing became a partner of Used Handhelds.com (www.UsedHandhelds.com and www.PalmtopPaper.com) run by a former employee. 1-641-472-1382

In March 2012, Thaddeus Computing became a partner with Mobile Life Media, also run by a former employee. Mobile Life Media produced a digital support publication for a consortium of smartphone retailers, who provided the publication for their customers. After a successful year, for internal reasons the consortium was not able to renew the contract, and Mobile Life ceased operation.

From 1985-1990 Thaddeus Computing published THE PORTABLE PAPER, which supported users of the HP 110 Portable PC and the HP Portable Plus.
From 1990-1999 Thaddeus Computing published THE HP PALMTOP PAPER, which supported users of the HP 200LX Palmtop PC series.
From 1998-2008 Thaddeus Computing published HANDHELD PC MAGAZINE, POCKET PC magazine, and SMARTPHONE & POCKET PC magazine in support of Microsoft Windows CE / Windows Mobile handheld devices.
From 2008-2011 Thaddeus Computing published iPHONE LIFE magazine, which supports users of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch (iOS devices).
From 1987-2011 Thaddeus Computing bought and sold used handheld computers.

Hal Goldstein, hal @ thaddeus.com
Thaddeus Computing

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